• Dan Schnur

    Dan Schnur’s Crowdfunding Campaign: Retaking Democracy

    Dan Schnur, USC professor, has just announced his non-partisan campaign for California Secretary of State. I personally welcome Dan Schnur’s crowdfunding campaign which we’re proud to feature right now on Bring It Local. Dan’s campaign platform is based on his plan for campaign finance reform. By mounting a grassroots fundraising campaign on Bring It Local, he is modeling a new form of political fundraising– seeking contributions from the voters themselves–not from big money interests.

  • grass roots

    The Spirit of Occupy lives on in alternative economy initiatives

    The crisis of 2008 was one of those rare moments that revealed the corruption of…

  • Steve Jobs' Yacht

    Jobs had a nice yacht

    But, to put this in perspective think about this: in the 1970s, when “Eat the Rich” t-shirts were popular, CEO to avg worker pay ratio was 40:1. It is nearly 10 times that now. And we’re not even talking about the ratio of American Apple CEO pay to average Chinese factory worker.

  • Walmart protest

    Walmart faces some pressure from workers

    To understand the downward spiral Walmart creates when it moves into a neighborhood or contracts with it’s suppliers, read: The WalMart Effect http://www.walmarteffectbook.com/

  • Green Eggs and Ham

    Austerity: Green Eggs and Ham

    No matter which party, the coming austerity is the mantra. It’s all green eggs and…

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From The Real News Network: Drums Beating to Privatize Social Security

Bill Black: A group of Democrats called "The Third Way" are working with President Obama towards the "grand betrayal" on social security