Obama’s coming austerity plan: Let’s do like the Europeans and throw more people into poverty.

More at The Real News

It’s been the commonly accepted wisdom forever that it’s the Democrats who are protectors of Social Security and other so-called entitlements and that the Republicans are the boogeymen want to gut everything. But here is a video interview with Bill Black on the Real News that talks about the ‘Grand Betrayal’ awaiting us all with Obama’s second term. Obama has clearly stated his intention to impose the beginnings of European style austerity in this country by cutting entitlements.

Black comes to the conclusion that it is sadly going to take a Democratic to implement what the Republicans can only dream about. This is exactly what has been referred to by Glen Ford of The Black Agenda Report as the ‘more effective evil’

Do we really have no choice but to allow our two party system to drive us off a cliff?

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