Lesser of two evils – why it’s time to move on

grass rootsThe lesser of two evils argument on the left continues. Here’s the latest broadside by Matt Stoller on Salon: Why is the left defending Obama? – Salon.com. Look in the comment section to get a sense of the anger this argument generates.



Time to move on

No matter where you come down on the ‘lesser of two evils’ argument one thing is totally clear. After this election, regardless of the result, the only way we can slow down this slide toward total oligarchy, mounting debt, inadequate healthcare, teacher layoffs, and inequality on a level rivaling the Sudan is to look for grassroots alternatives. No politician, or political party is going to help us. If the the first step toward a solution is always admitting the problem then let’s acknowledge that with few exceptions our politicians are bought and paid for. As far as solutions go, these politicians and the system they work within are irrelevant. Communities that are suffering have to take matters into their own hands. That means we need to look inside ourselves and really think through what is important. Is there really no alternative to our blindly continuing to send all our money up the corporate pyramid into fewer and fewer hands? As consumers, we’re funneled into an increasingly narrower set of choices. But collectively we do have all the power. Where we send our dollars is the most effective vote we have. Let’s stop relying on a great leader to get us out of the wilderness and start figuring out how to make some real change happen – ourselves.

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  1. Simon says:

    Absolutely right. We need a way to make the government pay attention, and that is about money–and how we spend it.