Coalition Crowdfunding – a new way to work together to create grassroots power

Together we are more than the sum of our parts
Coalition crowdfunding campaigns are developed by multiple organizations and individuals coming together in support of some specific issue of common interest. These coalition campaigns would be separate from individual crowdfunding campaigns created by organizations themselves.

Expand your networks – work in concert not in isolation
This will be your opportunity to expand your networks and to get acquainted with like minded organizations. With coalition crowdfunding you bring a ‘community of communities’ to life.
Contact us. We’ll help you get started.

Bring It Local is the host and organizer
We’ll take your ideas and be the go-between, contacting other organizations who might share an interest in participating. With the coalition’s input and review, we’ll help to develop the actual campaign page that goes on the Bring It Local site.

What does sponsorship mean?
Your sponsorship would mean that you put your organization’s name behind the campaign as part of the coalition and that you promote it. The campaign page on Bring It Local will explain the coalition and feature everyone who is involved.

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