Dan Schnur’s Crowdfunding Campaign: Retaking Democracy

Dan Schnur, USC professor, has just announced his non-partisan campaign for California Secretary of State. I personally welcome Dan Schnur’s crowdfunding campaign which we’re proud to feature right now on Bring It Local. Dan’s campaign platform is based on his plan for campaign finance reform. By mounting a grassroots fundraising campaign on Bring It Local, he is modeling a new form of political fundraising– seeking contributions from the voters themselves–not from big money interests.

Our system has been captured by big money. This has been widely recognized by many, including Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig (see link below) who has spoken and written about creating a ‘money bomb’ to take back political power from big corporate money. We agree with much of what Lessig proposes, but fundamentally part ways over his idea to seek out benevolent billionaires to fund his concept. We believe the money bomb can and must come from the crowd…and that it is only this grassroots money that can retake democracy.

As a voting individual I will evaluate Dan based on a range of issues, but as the founder of Bring It Local I wholeheartedly welcome Dan to our site. We believe this campaign represents a core part of our mission–to democratize the power of money.

By taking a chance on using this start-up site, itself an advocate of grassroots economic democracy, Dan sets a concrete example and ‘walks the walk’ to fix what is broken in our political system.

I urge everyone to come decide for themselves about Dan’s candidacy – on the issues. But I think he deserves respect from us all for using crowdfunding to demonstrate his dedication to campaign finance reform and taking back politics from big money interests.

Bring It Local will welcome future fundraising campaigns that represent an array of ideological positions. But at Bring It Local they will all have one thing in common–a commitment to grassroots democracy. For us, that is where the real activism begins.

I support Dan Schnur for his commitment to changing the role of money in politics.

-Mark White, founder Bring It Local

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