New Economy Coalition is forming and change is in the air

Notes from a New Economy

We believe, as we’ve said elsewhere, that the spirit of occupy lives on in new economy initiatives. One major event in the realization of a new economy is the emergence of the New Economy Coalition. NEC currently includes about 80 member organizations, each working on some aspect of a new economy vision. Bring It Local is proud to be one of them.

The New Economy Coalition explains their core mission:

Many people are currently working on components of a new economy, but too often their efforts remain fragmented and outside the mainstream of public discourse. Out of these hundreds of efforts a movement is emerging, but we must pull together to build the power necessary to take on the existing system and usher in an alternative. NEC’s objectives are to spread a new story about whom the economy serves, to facilitate the development of economic alternatives, and to engage coalition members in creating the conditions for transformational change.

A movement is emerging
We believe an absolute key to developing this viable new economy is tackling the issue of scale. For a new economy to provide true alternatives to the current corporatist extractive economy that we know all too well, it has to provide alternatives in every major economic sector–from ecommerce to healthcare to banking. That’s why learning about each other’s existence and ultimately collaborating in whatever way possible is the key to the emergence of a true new economy. We can’t succeed in isolation.

This is the current list of New Economy Coalition members …. Many of these member organizations will attend the NEC conference in Boston in June. Bring It Local is looking forward to attending and playing an active role.

Consider spending a few minutes to understand what the NEC is and how you and your organization might have a place in making this new economy a reality.

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