Alternative economy

The internet, and internet commerce in particular is moving into a new phase. Since the early days of the internet which were characterized by change and innovation we’ve become mired in consolidation. Fewer and fewer companies occupy more and more of the space. What was once in theory an open playing field has became increasingly dominated by a small number of players. Those companies that were once entrepreneurial upstarts are the stodgy insiders – concerned more than anything else with protecting their interests and preserving their privileged positions. In spite of the promise of an ‘anything is possible’ internet our choices as consumers are increasingly restricted to a handful of companies.

At the same time the wealth inequality between the upper 1% and the rest of us grows and grows.

People feel trapped both politically and economically.

Now. we’re at the first stages of a new internet economy. A new wave of locally grounded companies is learning how to create alternative services that people need, and to tap into the global market while bringing the funds back to their local communities.

This is the beginning of a groundswell and the reason for Bring It Local’s existence. We’re here to discuss, review, nurture and support this movement toward a new economy.

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